Custom Guarding For Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack

Posted by Rhino Rails on Jul 19, 2019

Rhino Rails recently provided a custom solution for a very narrow aisle pallet rack application. The customer initially requested our standard end of aisle rack protectors, but as the project developed the standard aisles became very narrow and it became clear they needed a different solution.

The Problem:

The client converted the pallet rack layout to a very narrow aisle configuration. Our regular end of row protectors encroached too far into the drive aisle to allow for their forklifts, so we needed to develop a guard that didn't reduce the aisle space.

The Solution:

We developed a simple, but very effective solution. Rather than the standard semi-circle guard we formed a guard with a flat face to minimize loss of aisle space. We were able to do so without increasing cost or lead time compared to the original proposal.

The Takeaway:

Rhino Rails was able to quickly respond to a change in project scope and provide an effective solution all without increasing cost or lead time. The distributor and customer were very happy with the outcome and we now have a viable option for very narrow aisle pallet rack layouts. We were able to effectively collaborate with the distributor to provide the best solution for their customer's unique application.

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