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End of Row Rack Guard

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Rhino Rails
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  • Rhino Rails RR-WA3-4X4.25-4PK  4 Pack - 3/4" Wedge Anchor 4.25" LG  - Photo

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Rhino Rail's end-of-aisle rack protectors guard your pallet rack frames against dangerous and costly forklift impacts.

We offer heavy-duty and standard-duty options depending on your needs and budget.

Our end-of-row rack protectors provide superior protection at the end of your pallet rack aisles. They are designed to withstand forklifts and other vehicle impacts. It is important to preserve the integrity of the racking systems. Damaged racking is a safety concern and can lead to a catastrophic accident.

Product Features:

  • 42" or 48" Long Guards to Fit Common Rack Frames.
  • Left and Right-Hand Orientation for Back-to-Back Pallet Racks.
  • Double Loop Guards for Single Rows of Rack.
  • Increase the life of your racking without costly replacement of damaged column legs.
  • 6" x 4" angle with 12" tall "half-moon" guard designed specifically for pallet racking.
  • Increased safety for your workers- prevent direct impacts with pallet rack frames. Damaged frames can lead to dangerous and costly accidents.
  • Single lefts and rights or double-ended for single rows of rack in 42" or 48" lengths.
  • Powder-coated Rhino Rails yellow for high visibility.
  • Heavy-duty (.375") and standard-duty (.25") thickness.
  • Custom sizes and extensions to fill spacer gaps available.

Why Rhino Rails Rack Protectors?

  • We keep quick ship stock levels to supply an on-demand market.
  • Flexibility to suit your project needs: We will work with you to create your bill of materials to ensure the installation goes smoothly.
  • Versatility: We offer two material thicknesses to reach a wide market of needs and budget ranges.
  • For a fraction of the cost of the racking, you gain peace of mind, knowing your people and products are being guarded.

Heavy-Duty or Standard - What is suitable for me?

  • Heavy-duty rack protectors provide maximum impact protection against forklifts and warehouse traffic.
  • The heavy-duty guards are ideal in a warehouse with heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Standard-duty rack guards are a low-cost option that protects against pallet rack frame damage.


SKU #Extension
 RR-RP-42LH-MD42"6" x 4"12".25Left38lbs
 RR-RP-42RH-MD42"6" x 4"12".25Right38lbs
 RR-RP-48LH-MD48"6" x 4"12".25Left42lbs
 RR-RP-48RH-MD48"6" x 4"12".25Right42lbs
 RR-RP-42EX-MD42"6" x 4".25Extender22lbs
 RR-RP-48EX-MD48"6" x 4".25Extender25lbs
 RR-RP-62EX-MD62"6" x 4".25Extender33lbs
 RR-RP-42LH-HD42"6" x 4"12".375Left64lbs
 RR-RP-42RH-HD48"6" x 4"12".375Right64lbs
 RR-RP-48LH-HD48"6" x 4"12".375Left70lbs
 RR-RP-48RH-HD48"6" x 4"12".375Right70lbs
 RR-RP-42EX-HD42"6" x 4".375Extender46lbs
 RR-RP-48EX-HD48"6" x 4".375Extender52lbs
 RR-RP-62EX-HD62"6" x 4".375Extender65lbs
 RR-RP-42-MD42"6" x 4"12".25Double43lbs
 RR-RP-48-MD48"6" x 4"12".25Double48lbs
 RR-RP-42-HD42"6" x 4"12".375Double82lbs
 RR-RP-48-HD48"6" x 4"12".375Double88lbs

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Product Warranty

Personal and professional customer service is offered on all of our guardrail and protection equipment.

We provide a one-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Full details: can be found here.

Fast Shipping
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12-Month Warranty
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