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Heavy Duty Warehouse Guardrail

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Rhino Rails heavy duty warehouse guard rail, safety barriers, and forklift guardrails are tested to withstand 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph. Quick ship stock in our Milwaukee, WI warehouse.

Rated for 10,000 lb Impacts at 4 mph.
18.5" or 43" Tall Post Options with Hardware Included.
Quick Ship Stock - Our top selling guard system!

Warehouse guard railing systems are an important safety component within your facility. Guard rail provides a physical and visual barrier to protect from forklift and powered vehicle accidents. The rail system can be installed along pedestrian walkways to keep your employees safe. Guard rail separates work areas from forklift driving lanes. This reduces the chance of worker accidents and equipment damage. Places you should install guarding includes inplant offices, shipping departments, around machinery, walkways, and at the ends of pallet racking.


  • Tested to withstand 10,000 lbs at 4 mph.
  • Constructed with high quality ASTM A1011 steel.
  • Powder coated Rhino Rails yellow for maximum visibility and durability.
  • Rail lengths from 2' to 10' long.
  • Columns are 4.75" × 4.75" steel square tube mounted on a 10" × 10" base plate.
  • Desiged for faster installation to cut down on labor costs.
  • Single (18.5") or double high (43") rail systems.
  • Bolted rail or drop in rail styles.
  • Universal 4 way mounting posts eliminate need for "end" or "line" posts.
  • All anchors and hardware/caps included.
  • In stock items can ship within 24 hours of receipt.


  • Our extensive inventory means you get your material fast.
  • We ship orders same or next day on standard items.
  • Our universal posts make installs quicker saving you time and money.
  • We adhere to strict quality standards.
  • We'll develop the Bill of Materials needed to get the job done right.


  • Around inplant offices and workstations.
  • Along pedestrian walkways.
  • To protect sensitive machines.
  • At the end of warehouse rack aisles.
  • Adjacent to conveyor lines.
  • Around mezzanines.
  • Shipping and packing areas.

Rail Column Post Styles and Baseplate Options

Part Number Column Height Description Baseplate Location Weight (LBS)
RR-CS-1 18.5" Single Rail Post Centered 31
RR-CSO-1 18.5" Single Rail Post Offset to One Side 31
RR-CSC-1 18.5" Single Rail Post Set to Corner of Post 31
RR-CS-2 43" Double Rail Post Centered 52
RR-CSO-2 43" Double Rail Post Offset to One Side 52
RR-CSC-2 43" Double Rail Post Set to Corner of Post 52
RR-CS-3 43" Triple Rail Post Centered 52

Guard Rail Sizes and Specifications

Part Number A) Rail Length B) Center to Center of Columns C) Outside to Outside of Base Plates Weight (LBS)
RR-GR-10 115" 120" 130" 52
RR-GR-9 103" 108" 118" 47
RR-GR-8 91" 96" 106" 43
RR-GR-7 79" 84" 94" 38
RR-GR-6 67" 72" 82" 33
RR-GR-5 55" 60" 70" 28
RR-GR-4 43" 48" 58" 23
RR-GR-3 31" 36" 46" 19
RR-GR-2 19" 24" 34" 14

Optional Add-On Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have "end and line" posts? --No all of our posts have mounting holes on all four sides to speed up installation, they can be used in any section of the rail system.
  2. Is hardware included? --Yes, all necessary hardware is included. (Anchors, metal post caps, bolts, and washers.)
  3. Can you help me if I need custom sizes? --Yes, we are able to quote you any specific length that you would need.
  4. How do you measure your guard rail system? --We measure our lengths from center to center of post. i.e. 10' rail is 115" long + each half of the adjacent post 2.5in+2.5"in= 120"
  5. If I need a different color than yellow can you help? --Yes, we can quote our products in colors other than yellow.
  6. Can we install your guardrail outside? --Yes, we you can install our guardrail system outside. However, the elements will eventually cause the steel to rust through moisture etc.
  7. I am trying to protect against fork truck forks sliding under the rails, do you have a solution? --Yes, our down guard adaptor (DGA) allows you to install the bottom rail flush with the base plate of the posts.
  8. Do you offer lift out rails?--Yes, our Lift Out Adaptor (LOA) is a sleeve mounted to the post that allows you to drop in the rails.


  • Add 1'' to dimensions B and C if Lift Out Adapter or Down Guard Adapter are being used.
  • Add 1.5'' to dimensions B and C if using Hinge Option.

Rhino Rails Heavy Duty Warehouse Guardrail


Product Warranty

Personal and professional customer service is offered on all of our protection equipment.

We provide a one-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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